The Mind Olympics

The Mind Lab Olympics is an educational event that brings together children from all over the world in a fantastic championship of thinking games, which is both tremendously exciting and enjoyable. The Olympic event begins with the Mind Lab learning groups in schools and extracurricular activities, continues through regional and national playoffs, and finally culminates in the international championships.

During the various stages of the Olympics, the competitions involve hundreds of thousands of children. Young contenders from all five Mind Lab Olympics continents vie for the honor of representing their countries in an international competition for the world title, bringing the best players together around the games table.
The Mind Olympics tournaments, concluding in a dramatic international event, incoporate the wide ragne of material taught in the Mind Lab lessons during the course of the yesr. These topics include understanding the strategic envrioment, planning and execution, problem solving, and creative thinking. In addition, emotional and social skills are covered, such as: cooperation and teamwork, deferring grarification, and good sportsmanship.

The Mind Olympics- a Project With Benefits for All

The Mind Olympics forms a series of activities that reinforces the appeal of the Mind Lab program, giving all those involved the following “added value”:


The childrenFor the young players, this is an opportunity to take part in a thrilling and challenging event that allows them to bring their personal capabilities into play, and to enjoy the pleasure and prestige of winning a thinking games competition while representing their school or country. The children gain the possibility of being part of an official competition team, which grants a sense of belonging and pride. This is also an opportunity for pupils who haven’t succeeded in proving themselves in classroom studies, to experience success in a field that requires pure thinking competence and cognitive abilities. The history of the Mind Olympics is filled with success stories of children who were considered “troublemakers” in the regular classroom setting but who brought their innate talents to the fore in the Olympics thinking games competitions.


The parentsThere is no greater pride than that of a parent whose son or daughter wins a school competition in thinking games. The parents’ involvement in each event proves how highly they regard the benefits of thinking games for their children, and how important it is for them to see their offspring shine in this field.

The schoolsThe Mind Olympics tournaments in the school setting are a festive event for any educational institution. The pupils unite around an exciting, dynamic experience based on thinking games. The schoolwide competition becomes a celebration in which all the pupils participate in a range of activities. The schools form an international community of educational institutions taking part in the Mind Olympics competitions.


Each school has the potential to score impressive achievements at the regional level, and then go on to the national and even the international level. Every principal would be happy to take pride in the official team of champions representing the school with honor, evoking pride also among the student body, their parents, and the teaching staff.


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